What does it mean to be

How is this manifesting now?

Eco-consciousness is now widespread, and many consumers and brands have pledged to live more sustainably. However, there’s resistance to measures such as low emission zone charges in cities. Numerous governments and brands have pushed back their climate targets, while others face accusations of greenwashing. And amid high costs, consumers may forgo products and lifestyles that carry a “green premium”.

Trends in conflict

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Sustainable Living

Consumers aspire to live in ways that positively impact the planet – from recycling to minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Maximizing Value

Consumers are savvy about their spending, and they seek out the best quality at the most competitive price.

Consumer data

Case studies

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What does the future hold?

We considered a range of weak signals and critical uncertainties to map out 3 potential future scenarios for the reckoning with sustainability.

How should I act?

  • Consider what to do about those consumers who refuse to make sacrifices.