What does it mean to

How is this manifesting now?

In a world where social media algorithms reward uniqueness, and where freedom of expression is a closely guarded right, consumers aspire to stand apart from the crowd. On the other hand, amid a global loneliness epidemic, the importance of empathy and meaningful connections is increasingly apparent. The rise of fandoms and wide-reaching social phenomena such as #barbiecore reveal the enduring demand for communal touchpoints.

Trends in conflict

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Social Wellness

Consumers recognize the importance of empathy and togetherness in an interconnected yet often polarized world.

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Unapologetically Me

Consumers strive to stand out, and they’re embracing individuality in defiance of perfection and sameness.

Consumer data

Case studies

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What does the future hold?

We considered a range of weak signals and critical uncertainties to map out 3 potential future scenarios for the reckoning with belonging.

How should I act?

  • Energize and engage fandoms.