What does it mean to be

How is this manifesting now?

AI can help us optimize health, productivity and problem solving. Among consumers, there’s a growing willingness to outsource some of our cognitive load to AI, and many brands are showing how it can enhance human interactions and experiences. And yet, consumers are also increasingly recognizing that connecting with the natural world and our place in it is integral to human life.

Trends in conflict

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Back to Nature

Consumers feel a connection to the Earth and are prioritizing time outdoors and environmental protection​.

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Beyond Human

Consumers are exploring ways to biohack their bodies and brains to enhance performance and optimize health.

Consumer data

Case studies

  • Social media app BeFake was built for imaginative digital self-expression, encouraging users to augment their images with AI. Using a text prompt, they can turn their selfies into anything they dream up.

  • In a visually striking campaign, food tech company NotCo used hyper-realistic AI-generated images to show people how long domesticated animals can live in nature. 

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What does the future hold?

We considered a range of weak signals and critical uncertainties to map out 3 potential future scenarios for the reckoning with humanity.

How should I act?

  • Allow AI to handle routine inquiries, but reserve more complex tasks for human employees.